Cherry Heaven – L.J. Adlington

ISBN: 978-0061431807
Publisher: Harper Teen
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 464
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: Yes; second
Reader’s Annotation: Cherry Heaven is perfect: no fighting, no wars and all the water you can drink but when Kat starts looking into all the secrets of Cherry Heaven, she realizes that not everything is what it seems.
Summary: Set in the same world as The Diary of Pelly D, this novel picks up a generation later with new characters. Kat and Tanka move with their adopted parents to Cherry Heaven, in hopes of escaping the war ravaged 5 Cities. As Atsumisi, they are the social elite and have access to all the best that Cherry Heaven can offer. It’s too bad that Kat keeps seeing a strange man outside their window, and hearing a mysterious story about an escaped Factory worker. Told in both first person and third person voices, this novel moves at a brisk pace and keeps the reader guessing. This is a dystopian novel that offers readers a taste of how a perfect society keeps itself running perfectly; and usually at the expense of others. The conclusion also gives resolution to the story of Toni V. and Pelly D. that readers will remember from Adlington's first novel.