Looks – Madeleine George

ISBN: 9780670061679
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 240
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: No
Reader’s Annotation: Meghan is obese and despised by everyone at her school. Aimee is anorexic, and could care less what anyone thinks. What happens when these two team up is something no one will forget.
Summary: This novel gives an insiders view on high school from the outcast perspective. Narrated by obese Meghan, the reader learns about her fallen friendship with golden girl Cara and her desire to meet the new girl, Aimee. Aimee, an anorexic poet, is taken in by Cara and eventually deceived by her seeming sweetness. The pairing of Meghan and Aimee brings about the social humiliation of Cara; using both Meghan’s knowledge of her past and Aimee’s current information. Somewhat reminiscent of Anderson’s Speak, readers get an authentic view of high school and the social cliques that operate within its’ walls. However, the story falls flat, and readers are left without feeling much for any of the characters. Cara’s use of both girls is oblivious and Meghan and Aimee’s revenge seems over the top and useless. However, the book will find readers with the disenfranchised and those who identify with either Meghan or Aimee.