Night Road – A.M. Jenkins

ISBN: 9780060546045
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Horror
Pages: 368
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: No
Reader’s Annotation: They’re not vampires, they’re hemes and Cole is one of the most structured of them all. So, it naturally falls to him to train a new, impetuous heme but can Cole handle the pressure of finally being responsible for someone other than himself?
Summary: Don’t call them vampires. Cole is not a vampire; he is a heme, a man who drinks the blood of the living in order to survive. Cole is a traveler; he makes his living on the road stopping for feeds nightly in order to stay alive. When he is called back to The Colony, a safe haven for other hemes, he is charged with teaching new-comer Gordo about life as a heme. Gordo, meanwhile, is too distracted by his new found Thirst and guilt over the near death of his girlfriend to pay much attention to what Cole is trying to teach him. The two embark on a road trip that will teach Gordo the inner workings of life as a heme, and will force Cole to face up to the reality that he’s been running from for many years. While this title has a great premise it never quite reaches its full potential. Readers are left not really caring what happens to Cole or to Gordo because neither is likable or identifiable as a teen.