Two Way Street – Lauren Barnholdt

ISBN: 9781416913184
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 288
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: No
Reader’s Annotation: Courtney can’t understand why Jordan would break up with her. It isn’t until they are forced on a college road trip together that she realizes the truth.
Summary: Jordan and Courtney are the perfect high school couple. They truly love each other and even plan on attending the same college in the Fall. All this changes when Jordan abruptly breaks up with Courtney saying that he cheated on her with a girl he met online. The truth behind the break-up is much more convoluted involving Courtney’s father and Jordan’s mother. Luckily, the college road trip forces interaction, and more importantly, honesty on the parts of the adults in the novel. It’s also told in alternating voice, giving equal time to Courtney and Jordan. This is a fast read, great for the beach and for those who enjoy reading about star-crossed lovers.