The Hollow People – Brian Keaney

ISBN: 978-0375843327
Publisher: Knopf
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 240
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: Yes; first
Reader’s Annotation: At fourteen Bea knows that she has to start taking Ichor and that will stop her dreams, but when Dante offers another option she must choose which truth to believe.
Summary: Imagine a world in which no one is allowed to dream. Instead, at the age of fourteen, everyone must take Ichor, a drug that will curb dangerous impulses and bring happiness to the most discontent. Fourteen year old Dante has never known life outside of this world. He works as a kitchen boy and must conceal the fact that Ichor has never worked for him. When Dante meets Bea, a girl who dreams of a world she’s never seen, both are convinced that they must escape from their home and venture into the unknown. The first in a trilogy, this title doesn’t break any new ground, but is great on the creep factor and atmosphere.