Sara’s Face – Melvin Burgess

ISBN: 978-1416936176
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 272
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: No
Reader’s Annotation: Sara is thrilled when Jonathan Heat offers to pay for her plastic surgery free of charge. What she doesn’t realize is just what Jonathan intends to take in return.
Summary: When rock star Jonathan Heat offers to take Sara under his wind, and pay for her much wanted plastic surgery, she thinks it must be too good to be true. Sara, already dealing with her own anorexia and delusions of grandeur, moves into Heat’s mansion. Narrated by a reporter trying to uncover the real Sara, readers move with Sara through Jonathon’s distorted world and fear for Sara’s safety along with her friends. Ultimately, when the reporter catches up with Sara years later we learn exactly what it was that Jonathan wanted all along. A true horror story that points to what the medical field can do, this novel will leave you wary of anyone who offers something for nothing. Recommend to readers of Eva by Dickinson, or fans of Stephen King.