Feed – M.T. Anderson

ISBN: 978-0763622596
Publisher: Candlewick
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 320
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: No
Reader’s Annotation: In the future, everyone receives information in the same way; via feeds that launch directly into one’s brain. This is the story of what happens when that feed malfunctions.
Summary: Meet Titus, a wealthy teenager who has it all; friends, money and a great feed that delivers all of the day’s news, marketing and information into his head. When Titus meets Violet, a fellow teen who didn’t have her feed installed until she was 7, he is amazed at what she can do. Violet can read, write and spends her time “resisting the feed” by refusing to be sorted into a demographic type. Then both teens are hacked and Violet’s feed starts to seriously malfunction, leaving her mute and paralyzed at different times. Titus must face the reality that the world that he knows is not what he thinks it is. He must decide whether he will fight the feed, or continue to live the life he knows.
Warning: strong language