Fade – Lisa McMann

ISBN: 978-1416953586
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Genre: Paranormal
Pages: 256
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: Yes; second
Reader’s Annotation: Janie accepts the Captain’s offer of a job working along side Cabel with satisfaction and not a bit of fear. All this changes when her first assignment involves entering the dreams of her high school teachers to find the one who is sexually abusing the female student body.
Summary: Janie and Cabel’s story continues in McMann’s sequel to Wake. Now that the Captain is aware of Janie’s ability to infiltrate others’ dreams, Janie has a scholarship, a paying job and an undercover role. It is her and Cabel’s job to figure out if an anonymous tip about a sexual predator at their high school is really true. Janie must open her self to her classmates dreams more than ever to try and find the guilty teacher. Meanwhile, Cabel must deal with his fear of Janie (the only thing safe in his life) getting hurt, or worse. Janie is guided by dream visits by Mrs. Stubin, who reveals more about dream catchers abilities and what the future holds for them. This is a great follow-up to McMann’s debut work and has the same page turning tension. Readers will eagerly await news about the third book in the series. For readers who want a bit more plot than just a paranormal romance.